Monday, 12 November 2012

Fancy Dress Fundraiser

Playing Dress Up

Having missed the chance to get dressed up for Halloween, we weren't about to let another opportunity pass us by! A good friend's fundraising event (he's walking the Wall of China for Help a London Child) meant we were able to get out our pins, pile on the glitter and stick on extra long lashes without looking too silly!

The party saw Little Red Riding Hood meet Mario and Luigi, James Bond get fresh with The Little Mermaid, and Ronald McDonald fall down a flight of stairs.

Here's the evidence...

Miss Scissor-hands, Ariel and Little Red Riding Hood

LMFAO, Ronald McDonald, Alice in Wonderland

Ariel and Mr Bond (or James Argent as some thought!)

Mario and Luigi

Alice and the Mad Hatter
Poor Little Red Riding Hood

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