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Babies Christmas Gift List

For The Little Loved Ones In Your Life...

With Bella's first Christmas soon approaching I've had several friends and family asking for her Christmas Wish List, so this afternoon we sat down together with warm milk and cookies (okay... rusks) to get in the festive spirit and browse all that Santa has to offer. This is what we came up with...

The Fisher Price Jumperoo Zoo has to be the ultimate baby activity centre and an amazing Christmas gift from a very special Grandparent or Auntie

Miffy played a large part in my childhood and so I absolutely loved finding all these retro bunny gifts.... Lovely Brightly coloured stacking rings are sure to catch your little ones eye and this little Limited Edition Christmas Miffy is a cute keepsake.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!! Unfortunately as teeth are on their way we wont be able to go without a dribble bib but these ones feels festive at least....

The sleeping bag is definitely a baby must have, it eliminates the risk of suffocation with blankets and keeps your sleeping beauty uber cozy. This is a lovely festive choice and a really practical baby gift for someone and can also be personalised for extra brownie points.

Also comes in this beautiful gift box complimentary of My 1st Years.

On the subject of personalised gifts, these personalised books are a great idea, there's something special about books from your childhood and they will be treasured forever. Bella absolutely LOVES Peppa Pig so this particular story of Peppa going to her Christmas Party is bound to be a hit!!

Bathtime and Bubbles are big in our house so Bathtime bubbles are pure genius!!

And not forgetting the perfect outfit for the Big Day itself...Nothing says Christmas like a little lady in red! We love these dresses that are cosy and Christmassy whilst not breaking the bank...

This cute red pinny can be matched with most basics Bella has in her wardrobe and at £11 it's a great buy

For the lover of bows, this pretty dress comes with a pair of stripy tights to keep little legs warm when... (Baby) it's Cold Outside

Team with a Next red cardigan - one can never have enough Christmas bows (£10)

And lastly, a red party dress, for the ultimate Christmas Princess. Baby Gap (£20)

Bath Time with Bella

One Happy Bath Time Baby!

I just thought I'd write a quick post of praise about a newborn baby bath time gem!

All praise the Puj Tub....!

I don't know what I would have done without this clever little contraption. At first I found the idea of bathing my precious little package a bit daunting ( I'd envisioned a very shaky handed affair!), but the Puj Tub soon eliminated all my fears and allowed the little lady and I a relaxing bath time.

I now take one along as a baby shower gift for all my expectant friends who have been equally impressed! I love giving something unusual and so useful as well (#SuperMum hee hee).

It allows your baby to be comfortably supported and leaves your hands free for lathering your little one. The fact that you're at the sink also saves you from breaking your back by bending over the bath and the 'Puj' can be easily and conveniently stored away at every bath time.

Costing around £30.00 they're well worth the money. You can buy one here.

My New Arm Candy

When it comes to choosing a new handbag being a Mummy puts a whole new spin on things.
My previous arm candy requirements would have simply been a big, beautiful tote that gracefully adorns my arm, whilst happily carrying my make up and purse! Budget would not really have been and issue as I was working full time and I didn't have a princess needing equal amounts of spoiling!

Of course times have changed, so when it came to choosing my new Autumn/Winter wardrobe staple my requirements were:
  • Firstly and very importantly for me, it needed an across-the-body strap (you already have a pram to push,a baby to carry and supermarket shelves to tackle)
  • For me I also like the option of being able to carry the bag as a tote for when I (rarely) indulge in a child free outing.
  • It must be large enough to carry the essentials including make-up, a hairbrush (not that I get much of a chance to wrestle with my trestles, but I'm defo not going out without), a diary (baby brain is most definitely not a myth and if I don't write it down it won't happen!)
  • Must be wipe clean (its amazing where baby sick can end up!)
  • And finally but definitely most importantly, must be fabulous (and affordable)
So, managing to bag a baby free afternoon (excuse the pun), I trailed the shops and ended up - rather satisfyingly - with this is number...

I absolutely love it and it fits the bill perfectly. At £89.99 it's not too frivolous but good quality and still a touch self-indulgent...

For Mummy's out there that think it's time for a little treat for yourselves, you can buy this Zara beauty here.

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