Accessories are my absolute weakness, and this week I happened to stumble across these little diamonds from Topshop.

Before I knew it I'd filled my basket with enough shiny treasures to make a magpie drool, but at least I could feel guilt free in my splurge, as not only are these little beauties very reasonably priced at just £2, but a pound from each sale goes straight to the charity Shelterbox..........which must mean excellent karma!

These other little additions just set off the arm candy cluster just perfectly. And of course with Christmas just around the corner these make perfect stocking fillers.

A Cosy Christmas...

Waking up to this view on a Friday morning can only mean one thing.... We definitely need a gardener.

But aside from that, our beech tree is gradually going balder than my step-dad and winter is on its way!

Which means there's no other option but to start digging out those cosy winter woollies. If you're struggling to find them at the back of the wardrobe, check out these new winter warmers and treat yourself before you have to start budgeting for Christmas pressies!!

Topshop knitted polar bear jumper. 

Because everyone loves a cheesy Christmas jumper, especially of a polar bear in a Christmas hat! Also comes in Robin or Candycane designs. (Topshop UK, Topshop US)


Boutique by Jaeger 

Supersoft and super Christmassy... do you need to know anything else? Buy on ASOS here

For the Little Girl in you

Oasis pink and beige Nordic style jumper has answered all of your girly needs. Buy online here.


Love Clothing

We love these next few jumpers from Love Clothing. At around £30 each who wouldn't? Order yours now before the Christmas rush!

Fashion Faves of the Week:

Feet first...

Slipper shoes... not to be confined to the home!

Cosy Khaki...

Wrap up warm with this knitted gem


A luxury treat...

Mulberry Lily Snake Skin Print Leather Handbag

Saving the best till last...

This was love at first sight, a gorgeous mix of sequins and gems, what more could a girl want!!

My New Arm Candy

When it comes to choosing a new handbag being a Mummy puts a whole new spin on things.
My previous arm candy requirements would have simply been a big, beautiful tote that gracefully adorns my arm, whilst happily carrying my make up and purse! Budget would not really have been and issue as I was working full time and I didn't have a princess needing equal amounts of spoiling!

Of course times have changed, so when it came to choosing my new Autumn/Winter wardrobe staple my requirements were:
  • Firstly and very importantly for me, it needed an across-the-body strap (you already have a pram to push,a baby to carry and supermarket shelves to tackle)
  • For me I also like the option of being able to carry the bag as a tote for when I (rarely) indulge in a child free outing.
  • It must be large enough to carry the essentials including make-up, a hairbrush (not that I get much of a chance to wrestle with my trestles, but I'm defo not going out without), a diary (baby brain is most definitely not a myth and if I don't write it down it won't happen!)
  • Must be wipe clean (its amazing where baby sick can end up!)
  • And finally but definitely most importantly, must be fabulous (and affordable)
So, managing to bag a baby free afternoon (excuse the pun), I trailed the shops and ended up - rather satisfyingly - with this is number...

I absolutely love it and it fits the bill perfectly. At £89.99 it's not too frivolous but good quality and still a touch self-indulgent...

For Mummy's out there that think it's time for a little treat for yourselves, you can buy this Zara beauty here.

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