Monday, 8 October 2012

Duck & Waffle - Breakfast with a View

Not recommended for those with a fear of heights!

So Sunday just gone consisted of heading into London with husband-to-be, Mother and Mother-in-Law, to view the Queen's Chapel (our wedding-venue-to-be) following its recent refurbishment works.

Of course one can never start such a task without devouring an enormous fried breakfast, and it seemed like the perfect excuse... I mean opportunity... to test the new Duck and Waffle at the Heron Tower.

This quirky new restaurant is on the 40th floor of the tower, which is somewhere near the top of this...

Thankfully there was a lift!

On flying up to the 40th floor at a rate of knots in a glass, OUTER FACING lift, we were greeted with a breathtaking view of London just as the 9am haze was clearing:

We were first in the restaurant and had a choice of table, so opted for one by the window. The menu was as equally pleasing as the view, and it was a difficult choice between the full English or the chocolatey waffles!

As you can see, I went for the take-no-prisoners-fry-up, and boasting a giant mushroom, black pudding and plenty of crispy bacon it didn't disappoint! 

 Those watching their waistlines opted for something on the healthy side, but which looked equally as tasty

After gaining a few more pounds, and the restaurant had rapidly filled up, we had another quick wander admiring the decor before making our descent!

The bar area - pretty sure this vast collection would include your favourite tipple!

Light feature

Great view of the Gherkin

Viewing point

Not wanting to put any budding visitors off, but have a look at the video below to see just how quickly you descent from floor 40 to ground... the flickering isn't poor video quality, its the metal frame flying past us as we continue downwards!

The Duck and Waffle is also open for lunch and dinner.

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